“VideoID – 安全 WebMoney 转账的关键!”
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您是否曾经进行过在线交易并担心您的资金安全?不用担心,WebMoney Transfer 可确保全球安全可靠的汇款。但是你听说过VideoID吗?让我们了解它是什么以及为什么它对 WebMoney Transfer 用户至关重要。
Have you ever made an online transaction and worried about the security of your money? Fear not, WebMoney Transfer ensures safe and secure money transfers globally. But have you ever heard of VideoID? Let’s get into what it is and why it’s essential for WebMoney Transfer users.

VideoID 是 WebMoney System 参与者手持其公民护照的视频记录,以及在其 WebMoney Passport 中注册的文件。该人还需要在录音过程中大声朗读责任协议。听起来很混乱?让我们分解一下。
VideoID is a video recording of a participant of WebMoney System holding up their citizenship passport, along with a file registered in their WebMoney Passport. The person is also required to read a liability agreement aloud during the recording. Sounds confusing? Let’s break it down.

当您注册 WebMoney Transfer 时,您必须提供您的公民护照的扫描件或照片副本,然后进行验证。完成后,您可以记录您的 VideoID。录制 VideoID 的方法是在视频中出示您的公民护照,同时在 WebMoney Passport 中保留您的注册文件。视频中还朗读了责任协议。
When you register for WebMoney Transfer, you must provide a scanned or photo copy of your citizenship passport, which is then verified. Once that is done, you can record your VideoID. Recording VideoID is done by showing your citizenship passport in the video while also holding up your registered file in WebMoney Passport. The liability agreement is also read aloud in the video.

为什么 VideoID 如此重要?此步骤确保录制视频的人确实是拥有特定 WebMoney 护照和公民护照的人。它可以防止欺诈并确保 WebMoney Transfer 系统的安全。
Why is VideoID so important? This step ensures that the person recording the video is indeed the one who owns that particular WebMoney Passport and citizenship passport. It prevents fraud and ensures the safety and security of the WebMoney Transfer system.

因此,下次您在 WebMoney Transfer 上进行在线交易时,请放心,VideoID 会为您提供支持。这似乎是一个乏味的过程,但这一切都是为了安全在线交易的更大利益!
So next time you’re making online transactions on WebMoney Transfer, rest assured that VideoID has got your back. It might seem like a tedious process, but it’s all for the greater good of secure online transactions!