Qiwi 支付提供商介绍:俄罗斯电子支付的一场革命
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你听说过奇维吗?不,这不仅仅是一个有趣的名字。它是俄罗斯的一家支付服务提供商,一直在在线支付行业掀起波澜。 Qiwi 由俄罗斯互联网集团 Mail.ru 于 2007 年创立,现已成为俄罗斯市场上最大的支付工具。但它是如何工作的,为什么它在俄罗斯消费者中如此受欢迎?让我们找出来。
Have you ever heard of Qiwi? No, it’s not just a funny name. It is a payment service provider in Russia that has been making waves in the online payment industry. Founded in 2007 by the Russian Internet group Mail.ru, Qiwi has become the largest payment tool in the Russian market. But how does it work, and why has it become so popular among Russian consumers? Let’s find out.

Qiwi 的历史及其在俄罗斯以外的扩张
History of Qiwi and its Expansion Outside Russia

Qiwi 最初是一个在线汇款系统,允许用户在互联网上为产品和服务付款。从那时起,它已将服务扩展到俄罗斯以外,并在欧洲、亚洲、非洲和美洲的 22 个国家/地区建立了业务。 Qiwi 在俄罗斯以外地区的扩张得益于其与当地银行和支付处理商的合作伙伴关系,这些银行和支付处理商为他们的客户提供访问权限。
Qiwi started as an online money transfer system that allowed users to pay for products and services on the internet. Since then, it has expanded its services beyond Russia and established a presence in 22 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Qiwi’s expansion outside of Russia has been driven by its partnerships with local banks and payment processors that provide access to their customers.

Qiwi 的用户友好界面和便捷的支付解决方案
Qiwi’s User-Friendly Interface and Convenient Payment Solutions

Qiwi 成功的关键原因之一是其用户友好的界面。 Qiwi钱包是俄罗斯市场最大的支付工具,类似于支付宝,用户可以在商店、网上或手机上完成支付。 Qiwi钱包拥有较为完备的风险保障机制,确保100%交易安全,不退款、不退单、不被假冒。
One of the key reasons for Qiwi’s success is its user-friendly interface. The Qiwi wallet is the largest payment tool in the Russian market, similar to that of Alipay, allowing users to complete payments in stores, online, or on mobile phones. Qiwi wallet has a relatively complete risk protection mechanism, ensuring 100% transaction security with no refund, chargeback, or counterfeiting.

使用 Qiwi 进行在线支付的优缺点
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Qiwi for Online Payments

使用 Qiwi 进行在线支付的优势有很多。一是没有交易保证金,支持线上线下支付。其次,没有开户费、月费、单笔订单费,用户使用Qiwi支付完全免费。然而,缺点之一是用户在 Qiwi 钱包中的存款没有保险,这使得存款不如传统银行账户中的存款安全。
The advantages of using Qiwi for online payments are numerous. Firstly, there is no transaction deposit, and it supports online and offline payment. Secondly, there are no account opening fees, monthly fees, or single order fees, which makes it completely free for users to pay with Qiwi. However, one of the disadvantages is that users’ deposits into Qiwi wallets are not insured, which makes deposits less safe than those held in traditional bank accounts.

Qiwi 对俄罗斯经济及其他领域的影响
Qiwi’s Impact on the Russian Economy and Beyond

Qiwi 对俄罗斯经济产生了重大影响,使俄罗斯的无现金支付和数字汇款成为可能。 2019年,Qiwi在俄罗斯无现金支付市场的市场份额为26.8%。此外,Qiwi 向新地区的扩张有助于促进跨境支付并促进汇款流入。
Qiwi has had a significant impact on the Russian economy, enabling Russian cashless payments and digital remittances. In 2019, Qiwi had a market share of 26.8% in Russia’s cashless payments market. Besides, Qiwi’s expansion into new territories has helped facilitate cross-border payments and bolstered remittance inflows.


Qiwi 正在彻底改变俄罗斯的传统支付方式,并在俄罗斯消费者中广受欢迎。凭借便捷的支付解决方案和用户友好的界面,Qiwi 正在成为俄罗斯无现金支付和数字汇款的首选。它对俄罗斯经济及其他地区的影响是不可否认的,而且在未来几年肯定会继续增长。
Qiwi is revolutionizing the traditional payment methods in Russia and has become extremely popular among Russian consumers. With its convenient payment solutions and user-friendly interface, Qiwi is becoming the go-to option for Russian cashless payments and digital remittances. Its impact on the Russian economy and beyond is undeniable, and it is sure to continue to grow in the coming years.