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Qiwi 是一家总部位于俄罗斯的支付服务提供商,业务遍及 22 个国家/地区。它提供多种支付方式,包括流行的电子钱包支付方式 Qiwi Wallet。这种支付方式在俄罗斯跨境电商在线支付系统中得到广泛应用,彻底改变了俄罗斯乃至世界范围内人们的网上购物方式。
Qiwi is a payment service provider based in Russia with operations in 22 countries. It offers various payment options, including its popular electronic wallet payment method, Qiwi Wallet. This payment method is widely used in the Russian cross-border e-commerce online payment system, and it has revolutionized the way people shop online in Russia and beyond.

那么,是什么让 Qiwi 钱包在俄罗斯及其周边国家的在线购物者中如此受欢迎?
So what makes Qiwi Wallet so popular among online shoppers in Russia and its surrounding countries?

首先,Qiwi 的成功可以归因于当地人喜欢使用现金消费以及少数人拥有银行账户这一事实。 Qiwi 允许人们使用现金为他们的电子钱包充值,然后他们可以用它来进行网上购物。
Firstly, Qiwi’s success can be attributed to the combination of the preference of local people to use cash for consumption and the fact that a small number of people have bank accounts. Qiwi allows people to use cash to top up their electronic wallets, which they can then use for online purchases.

其次,与其他需要24小时订单审核期的支付方式不同,Qiwi Wallet付款不需要任何审核期,这意味着卖家可以立即发货。这对买卖双方来说都是一个巨大的优势,因为它确保了快速顺畅的交易过程。
Secondly, unlike other payment methods that require a 24-hour review period for orders, payments made with Qiwi Wallet do not require any review period, which means sellers can ship immediately. This is a huge advantage for both buyers and sellers, as it ensures a fast and smooth transaction process.

第三,Qiwi在俄罗斯及周边国家线上市场表现不俗。涵盖俄罗斯、乌克兰、白俄罗斯、哈萨克斯坦等加起来超过3亿人口的巨大市场。庞大的用户群使 Qiwi Wallet 成为对希望进入这些市场的在线商家极具吸引力的支付选项。
Thirdly, Qiwi has a good performance in the online market in Russia and its surrounding countries. It covers Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, which are huge markets with a combined population of over 300 million people. This huge user base makes Qiwi Wallet an attractive payment option for online merchants who want to tap into these markets.

那么 Qiwi 钱包是如何运作的呢?简单易行,只需四个简单的步骤即可完成付款。首先,买家用现金或银行转账给钱包充值。其次,他们选择 Qiwi 作为结账时的支付选项。第三,他们通过输入电话号码和用于访问 Qiwi 钱包的密码来确认付款。最后,付款得到处理,买家会收到一条确认消息。
So how does Qiwi Wallet work? It’s simple and easy, as it only takes four simple steps to make a payment. Firstly, the buyer tops up their wallet with cash or a bank transfer. Secondly, they select Qiwi as the payment option at checkout. Thirdly, they confirm the payment by entering their phone number and the password they use to access their Qiwi wallet. Lastly, the payment is processed, and the buyer receives a confirmation message.

总而言之,Qiwi 是一种支付系统,通过提供一种电子钱包支付方式,让人们可以使用现金进行在线购物,从而彻底改变了俄罗斯及其他地区的跨境电子商务。它的流行可以归因于它结合了花钱的习惯和少数人拥有银行账户的事实。凭借其快速流畅的交易流程和庞大的用户群,Qiwi Wallet 对于想要进入俄罗斯及周边市场的在线商家来说是一个极具吸引力的支付选项。
To sum up, Qiwi is a payment system that has revolutionized cross-border e-commerce in Russia and beyond by offering an electronic wallet payment method that allows people to use cash for online purchases. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it combines the habit of spending cash with the fact that a small number of people have bank accounts. With its fast and smooth transaction process and its huge user base, Qiwi Wallet is an attractive payment option for online merchants who want to tap into the Russian and surrounding markets.

如果您居住在俄罗斯或其周边国家,不妨试试 Qiwi Wallet,体验使用现金在线购物的便利和便利。谁知道? Qiwi 可能正是您一直在寻找的支付系统。
If you live in Russia or its surrounding countries, give Qiwi Wallet a try, and experience the convenience and ease of using cash for online purchases. Who knows? Qiwi might just be the payment system you’ve been looking for all this time.

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