Qiwi 如何革新俄罗斯的支付系统
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Qiwi 成功地迎合了俄罗斯的潮流——人们更喜欢舒适和简单。它通过为在线购物和汇款提供替代支付选项来绕过传统的银行业务方式。 Qiwi 的发展带来了俄罗斯支付系统生态系统的巨大转变,催生了新的业务。例如,Instaforex、FBS、Fibo Group 等外汇经纪商现在可以接受 Qiwi 付款,从而使入金流程无缝快捷。在金融界,回扣为王。 Qiwi的支付工具是快速存款和返利交易的支柱,从而加强了他们的知名度。
Qiwi succeeded in appealing to a trend in Russia – people prefer comfort and simplicity over anything else. It bypassed traditional banking methods by offering alternative payment options for online shopping and money transfer. The growth of Qiwi has brought about a massive shift in the ecosystem of Russian payment systems, giving rise to new businesses. For instance, Forex Brokers like Instaforex, FBS, Fibo Group, and others can now accept Qiwi payment, making the depositing process seamless and swift. In the world of finance, rebate is king. Qiwi’s payment tool is the pillar for fast deposit and rebate transactions, thus reinforcing their popularity.

Qiwi 不仅仅是一个支付网关。它有一个独特的功能,允许商家访问 IC 号,这是一个在客户之间建立忠诚度的数字化忠诚度计划。当买家在商户处扫描 Qiwi 代码时,他们将获得适用于未来购买的奖金或返利。这一出色的功能促进了 Qiwi 社区的创建,人们可以在其中分享有关 IC 号码的技巧和建议。它本身已经成为一种亚文化,营销人员已经接受它,将其用作品牌战略。
Qiwi is much more than a payment gateway. It has a unique feature that allows merchants to access IC号, a digitized loyalty program that builds fidelity among customers. When buyers scan the Qiwi code at the merchant’s establishment, they obtain bonuses or rebates applicable to future purchases. This outstanding feature has fostered the creation of a Qiwi community where people share tips and advice about IC号. It has become a subculture by itself, and marketers have picked up on it, using it as a branding strategy.

Qiwi 的成功不仅仅在俄罗斯显而易见。作为一种支付工具,它具有简单易用、快速安全的特点,非常适合中国市场。 Qiwi 与京东和天猫等一系列中国电子商务平台合作,以加快和简化中国买家的购物体验。此外,Oracle 的支付解决方案 Infosys 求助于 Qiwi,通过将 Qiwi 集成到其支付平台,为其代理机构 PaymentWorld 赋能。
The success of Qiwi is not just evident in Russia. As a payment tool, it is characterised as user-friendly, fast and safe, which is ideal for the Chinese market. Qiwi partnered with a range of Chinese e-commerce platforms such as JD.com and Tmall to expedite and streamline the shopping experience for Chinese buyers. Moreover, Oracle’s payment solution, Infosys, turned to Qiwi to empower its agency, PaymentWorld, by integrating Qiwi to its payment platform.

在当今世界,推荐算法正在显着影响着人们。大数据和机器学习时代已经到来,这些算法利用了人类的弱点。幸运的是,Qiwi 通过了解促使人们点击、购买或忠于特定产品品牌的关键因素,巩固了其利用这一优势的地位。它是一种工具,可以针对市场中的新参与者进行扩展和调整,填补传统银行解决方案留下的空白。
In today’s world, recommendation algorithms are swaying people significantly. The age of Big Data and Machine Learning is here, and these algorithms tap into human vulnerabilities. Fortunately, Qiwi has solidified its position to take advantage of that by knowing the crucial factors that make humans click, buy or be loyal to a specific product brand. It is a tool that expands and adjusts to new players in the market, filling the void left by traditional banking solutions.