Skrill Swift 和 Ascend Money:颠覆泰国的支付行业
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您是否厌倦了向国外汇款的漫长而繁琐的过程?你有没有想过是否有更简单快捷的方法来做到这一点?嗯,好消息是有! Skrill Swift 是一种颠覆泰国支付行业的支付方式。使用 Skrill Swift,您可以轻松地将资金从您的 Skrill 账户转账到国外的银行账户。您所要做的就是选择 Swift 作为付款方式并输入收款人的银行详细信息。就这么简单!
Are you tired of the long and tedious process of transferring money abroad? Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier and faster way to do it? Well, the good news is that there is! Skrill Swift is a payment method that’s turning Thailand’s payment industry upside down. With Skrill Swift, you can easily transfer money from your Skrill account to a bank account abroad. All you have to do is choose Swift as the payment method and enter the recipient’s bank details. It’s that simple!

但 Skrill Swift 并不是唯一在泰国支付行业掀起翻天覆地变化的参与者。泰国顶级支付平台Ascend Money也在掀起波澜。尽管相对年轻,该公司已经在行业中获得了显着的知名度。而现在随着蚂蚁金服对该公司的战略投资,其规模有望进一步扩大。
But Skrill Swift is not the only player that’s shaking things up in Thailand’s payment industry. Ascend Money, which is Thailand’s top payment platform, is also making waves. Despite being relatively young, the company has already gained significant prominence in the industry. And now with Ant Financial’s strategic investment in the company, it’s expected to expand even further.

隶属于中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴的蚂蚁金服与 Ascend Money 合作,通过技术在全球范围内促进普惠金融。该公司旨在利用互联网金融技术和经验,协助Ascend Money在泰国市场打造媲美支付宝的电子钱包平台。这种伙伴关系不仅将使泰国的消费者受益,而且有助于推动该国的经济发展。
Ant Financial, which is affiliated with the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has partnered with Ascend Money to promote financial inclusion on a global scale through technology. The company aims to assist Ascend Money in building an electronic wallet platform that’s comparable to Alipay in the Thai market using internet finance technology and experience. This partnership will not only benefit the consumers in Thailand but also help to drive the country’s economy.

借助 Skrill Swift 和 Ascend Money,泰国的支付行业正在迅速发生变化。这些新玩家的出现正在为人们的资金转移和管理方式带来便利和效率。这对泰国不断增长的经济来说是个好消息。
With Skrill Swift and Ascend Money, Thailand’s payment industry is changing rapidly. The emergence of these new players is bringing convenience and efficiency to the way people transfer and manage their money. This is great news for Thailand’s ever-growing economy.